Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Boondocks Season 4 Review (a.k.a. An Exercise in Frustration)

So after waiting just under 4 years for a new season of this amazing series the final season of The Boondocks ended up being mainly an exercise in frustration. With original creator Aaron McGruder off the series there was an immense wave of disappointment that befel fans upon the realization that something we've wanted and been looking forward to for so long may end up being shit. Now my first reaction was as long as Aaron's co-writer on many episodes Rodney Barnes stayed on there may be hope. Now that the season is over and i've had time to process i can say with conviction this season is terrible. Thats not even me being hyperbolic, it is legitimately awful. Now the animation by Studio Mir was pretty good. They did a great job upping the ante in terms of animation quality form JM Animation's work in season 3 but the problem really was that they were let down by the mostly terrible scripts they had to work with. Anyway heres the usual video and i'll go into detail about my frustration after the jump.