Friday, 28 June 2013

009: Recyborg Review

This movie has been one that i have looked forward to for a while since it's Kenji Kamiyama's newest project and after that wait i feel kind of disappointed. I wasn't expecting anything as complex as Stand Alone Complex but i was expecting something fun to watch as it seemed from the trailers to be a fun action movie with a seemingly interesting plot. Anyway before i get more into this here's the customary video showcase of the film's animation.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Scout 2793 Update #1 - Characters

So since my last post on my short, i have so far finished writing 3/4 of the script and storyboarded half of what i have finalised of the script so far. I am still trying to decide how to end the short and i have a vague idea of what it should be based on the message i want to convey so that won't take too long. Besides that i have finished designs for 3 of the major character and have 3 designs left to go. It's now time to introduce you guys to the world the short is set in and the characters that inhabit it.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fairy Tail Animation Analysis

Yet another animation analysis for you guys today. I apologize for the 2 months without content but life got in the way. Now that i'm back i'll try and get back into the weekly schedule so lots of content is planned for the next month or so. This i will be analysing the animation (or lack thereof) in Fairy Tail  so let's get started with the usual MAD.

Scout 2793 - My Original Animated Short Project

This is going to be the first of many posts on this project but here it is. Rather than nitpicking other people, you guys can nitpick me for a change. I recently started working seriously on my animated short set in Zambia, Africa called "Scout 2793." The short tells the story of an alien scouting robot sent to earth to prepare for it's master's mass invasion and the Superhero he comes into conflict with. The short is mainly set in 3 major locations which are the mothership, the outskirts of a zambian village and finally a large city. For this short i'm animating full character movements for the first time so i've been practicing character animation quite a bit and the robot transforms twice so this will be a lot of trial and error on my part but i'm having fun with it. Other things i've had to practice are my effects animation skills with a major focus on lightning and explosions effects. Storyboarding is going fairly quickly since i learned a lot about this during a filmmaking workshop i did at university so thats not an issue. I hope to have it done before summer's end because last years summer animation project was left unfinished because i wasn't used to flash and i got annoyed doing it. Here is a video of everything i produced for that little project.