Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Modern Korean Animation Studios

Well, while i initially was into the idea of reviewing the animation of each individual segment of the animated Dante's Inferno movie i decided it would make more sense to just do a big post about what i was really wanting to get into which was my thoughts on the current state of the korean animation industry and the studios from there that have really impressed me in recent years. Now i know that a lot of the stuff that we see coming from korea tends to be the animation they produce for other territories which mainly include america, japan and europe but most of those productions don't really tend to look very interesting artistically speaking and examples would be shows like Fairly Odd Parents and Regular show. These kinds of shows i like but they don't really aspire to a greater level of detail and artistry and they don't really need to. I like the styles these shows have but they aren't trying to compete on a global scale as examples of amazing achievement in animation because they rely on strong writing and characters than flashy animation.