Monday, 23 June 2014

Thoughts on Kill La Kill, Fairy Tail (2014) and Stardust Crusaders

Kill la Kill

I finished watching Kill la Kill some time ago but after another re watch i think i'm finally able to properly express my opinion on it. It was good. It was very enjoyable and for a first series from a newly formed studio it as quite a feat. The overall story does drag at a couple of points but i did still really enjoy it. The comedy felt like a progression from Trigger's web-series Inferno Cop (Which is the best show ever made and you should watch right now. No seriously go watch it right now) with episode 4 being the closest in terms of that sense of humor. It was really funny and unlike other fan-service shows it wasn't overtly creepy in the way that it uses fanservice but rather doesn't have the fanservice overshadow the goals of the main characters who are the subjects of it. In other words you won't be remembering the characters for the size of their breasts or how much their privates glow like in some of the other shows of this ilk but rather for their strong personalities and good character development with the best character in the show in my opinion being Satsuki who went through quite a change over the course of the show. We also have a pretty good protagonist in Ryuko and a fun sidekick in Mako. An excellent villain in Ragyo and overall you have a very good show.