Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Animator Spotlight: Toshiharu Sugie

I briefly touched upon my thoughts on Toshiharu Sugie in my Fairy Tail Animation Analysis a while back but now that i've had a lot of time to analyse his style i feel it's time i extrapolated upon my opinion of him. To start off here is the first of the series of sakuga MAD's i made of his work.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

DC Animated Movie Reviews Part 1: Telecom Animation Film

WB Animation have  been consistently putting out a lot of entertaining cartoons and movies for a while now. Their adaptations of DC Comics properties in particular have been some of their best efforts with their latest classic being Batman: Assault on Arkham (a.k.a. a pretty fantastic Suicide Squad movie that just happens to feature Batman). Not all their projects have been up to par but for the most part they have been enjoyable. Now looking at the series of animated features they've been producing for several years at this point (starting with Superman: Doomsday), one would wonder how there can be such a difference in quality from Justice League: War to Son of Batman. The credits of these movies will reveal to any intrepid fan that to put out the number of movies they do a year it only makes sense that they would outsource to multiple different studios. Therein lies my interest. Each studio has a different style with my favourite at the moment being Moi Animation who (mostly) never disappoint. They however aren't the only good studio WB Animation has at their disposal. More after the customary video.