Friday, 9 May 2014

How do you know what's "good animation" and what isn't?

So on the forum i frequent the most someone posited the question "how do you know what's good animation or not?". Its certainly an interesting question and the answer i ended up delivering made me realise that while i don't generally think too much about it and can generally just tell, i do have a system in my mind that helps me tell what's good and what isn't. In this post i will be elaborating on my previous answer and offering an example of how you can teach yourself to identify an animators style as that ties into this as well. The animator we'll be using for this case study will be Takashi Torii so in preparation here's my new Sakuga MAD featuring more of his recent work.

Here's the link to the new video because like with my Masahiro Sato video, Blogger refuses to recognize that the video exists so the old one is available to view here but watch the new one if you can cause the old one has a lot of mistakes.